Nearest airport and around Half Dome Village - Yosemite National Park, CA Hotel . Sometimes called Camp Curry, this lodging facility is reasonably priced, making it the perfect place to stay when coming to spend some time in the park.

Their lodging consists of tents that are already assembled and equipped with heat, a safe, and a bed. Half Dome Village, formerly Curry Village, tent cabins, cabins and motel rooms are situated in Yosemite Valley, close to one of the most popular sections of Yosemite National Park. You can help support this webcam and provide for the future of Yosemite by becoming a Friend of Yosemite today.. View Webcam

The lower half of the trail (between Yosemite Valley and Union Point) is open. Half Dome Village is located inside of Yosemite National Park. Group Hotel Rates (9+ Rooms) Get competing quotes for free and save up to 70% on group rates for Weddings, Meetings, Sports Teams and other Events. However on it says the half dome permit can only be refunded for dates june 4th and before, so I …

Meadow Grill offers a wide range of food, from cheeseburgers to grilled salmon while the Curry Bar gives guests a chance to relax with a cocktail. A longtime favorite of park goers, Curry Village was renamed Half Dome Village, as of March 1, 2016, but it reverted back to its historic name in 2019. Curry Village (formerly Half Dome Village) is made up of a combination of rooms types.

ARTICLE UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020. We have Hotel Rooms, Cabins with Private Bathroom, Cabins without Private Bathroom, Heated Tents and Unheated Tents. Guests also have the option of taking a short day trip to Oakhurst that is within 35 minutes' drive.Nearby an ice rink are suitable for ski lovers. This view of Yosemite Valley from just east of Yosemite Village gives a sense of conditions of the floor of Yosemite Valley. Half Dome Village Pavilion provides an a-la-carte menu. Half Dome Village is a community of cabins, tent cabins, and motel rooms along with some retail and dining establishments. Attractions close to Half Dome Village include Chilnualna Falls, a short drive away and Sentinel Rock. The one on the left is Curry Village; the one on the right is the trailhead parking lot, which is closer but fills up early. I had two cabins at curry village booked for next weekend, and a half dome permit confirmed. National Park Reservations is not an authorized concessionaire of any National Park nor are we in any way affiliated with the National Park Service of the Federal Government.

The 48-acre property is located in the heart of Yosemite Valley right below Glacier Point and near Half Dome and Yosemite Village. Half Dome. National Park Reservations is a reservation service providing lodging and activity reservations.

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